About Us

Image Plus Scrapbook Super Store is a family owned business that has grown and changed significantly since starting life in the 1970s as a photo developing lab.

Up until the early 1990s the store was focused primarily on developing and printing photos from film, back when 1 hour service and ‘2 for 1’ photo deals were all the rage.  Wayne built a solid reputation for producing quality photos and daughters Cathy, Cheryl-Lee and Suzanne were all inducted into the mysteries of film developing and photo printing.

At this time, Cheryl-Lee worked as a FIFO geologist and on her days at home, while learning Wayne's trade secrets, she suggested they stock some scrapbook albums to complement his photo line.  There in a corner of a very small store, is where it all began.

Cheryl-Lee quickly filled this corner and between stints on oil-rigs continued to expand the album stock and added a few scrapbooking supplies.  Wayne admitted it was proving popular. 

Over the next few years Cheryl-Lee’s hard hat and steel cap boots were replaced with paper, card, stickers and a new work buddy her mum, Sue. The store became their new passion as they moved into a larger shop which was also quickly outgrown.

2006 saw the move to our current premises where notably digital has replaced film and happily Image Plus Scrapbook Superstore has continued to grow.

Image Plus remains family focused, family owned and family operated.

Now, our family is bringing our wonderful store to you online.