Hexi Gems Nested Die Set S5-588 Spellbinders

Hexi Gems Nested Die Set S5-588 Spellbinders

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Introducing the Essential Hexi-Gems Etched Dies from the Hexi-Gems Collection by Spellbinders. This set includes 14 thin metal cutting dies that feature a diamond-inspired shape with two flat sides, creating stunning and unique hexagons in various sizes. These dies are the perfect companions to the GLP-394 Glimmer Hexi-Gem Glimmer Hot Foil Plate, allowing you to expand and enhance these shapes to create amazing and captivating designs.

The Essential Hexi-Gems Etched Dies offer versatility and creativity, allowing you to explore different layering and dimensional effects. With 14 different sizes, you can mix and match the hexagon layers to create your desired look.

Here are the approximate sizes of the layers included in the Essential Hexi-Gems Etched Dies:

    Layer 1: 3.69 x 5.50 in.
    Layer 2: 2.44 x 5.15 in.
    Layer 3: 3.19 x 4.80 in.
    Layer 4: 2.94 x 4.45 in.
    Layer 5: 2.69 x 4.11 in.
    Layer 6: 2.44 x 3.76 in.
    Layer 7: 2.19 x 3.41 in.
    Layer 8: 1.94 x 3.06 in.
    Layer 9: 1.69 x 2.71 in.
    Layer 10: 1.44 x 2.37 in.
    Layer 11: 1.19 x 2.02 in.
    Layer 12: 0.94 x 1.67 in.
    Layer 13: 0.69 x 1.32 in.
    Layer 14: 0.44 x 0.97 in.

With the Essential Hexi-Gems Etched Dies, you can create stunning geometric designs, add layers and dimension to your projects, and let your creativity shine. These dies are perfect for cardmaking, scrapbooking, and other paper crafting endeavors. Explore the endless possibilities and unleash your imagination with the Essential Hexi-Gems Etched Dies from the Hexi-Gems Collection.