Stencil Dimensions: Translucent Paste

Stencil Dimensions: Translucent Paste

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Within the range of Sweet Poppy Stencils products this Translucent Stencil paste is one of the most purchased items. It is such a versatile stencil medium with a crystal clear glossy finish to it when dry. You can utilise the translucent paste in many of your crafting projects.  As a result of being a co-polymer based stencil medium it enables ultra fine products to stick to it such as glitters, mica powders, glass micro beads or just simply let it dry and apply inks, waxes over the image.

It is so versatile you are able to change the colour by adding acrylic based paints, mica powders or pigments such as good acrylic paints. Add a red mica to our translucent pate and you have got a red medium! So this is the rainbow of pastes. Why not just simply ink over the stencil and then apply the translucent medium. When it dries the colour of the inks are seen with the extra dimension of the paste giving an embossed image. You can even embed clear micro beads over the image whilst the paste is still wet giving you a fabulous finish to your stencil project.

You can view this technique and many more on our YouTube channel

Translucent – 150 ml – Stencil Paste

Acid Free

100% Co-polymer Emulsion

Contains no materials in sufficient quantities to be toxic